Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 MTs/SMP Kurikulum Darurat 2020/2021

Latihan Soal kelas 8
Haloo Assalamualaikum... hari ini konten blognya lain dari biasanya, untuk membantu anak-anak di rumah belajar sebelum PAS minggu depan ada beberapa soal untuk di eksekusi nih, semoga membantu ya.... Selamat berlatih.

1.      1.      Mr. Heri : May I have your attention please!

Arif          : Yes sir

Mr. Heri : I’m going to give you the itinerary.


The underlined word is expression of…………            

a.      Asking opinion                                                                  c.  Asking attention

b.  Responding opinion                                                          d. Giving attention

2.      Qarry   : Mom, can you tell me how to make an omelete, please?

Mom   : Oke, I’ll show you how to make it, here are the materials and see the steps……….?

Qarry   : Yes, I see what your’e saying

a.      Have a question?                                                   c. Are you with me?

b.      Do I understand?                                                   d. Do I understand?

3.      Your friend tells you about English but you get misunderstanding, what do you say?

a.      Yes, I can                                                             c. I’m sorry I don’t get your point

b.      I know                                                                  d. I see what you are saying

4.      Annisa             : “can you come here, Rizal?. I need your help.”

Rizal                : “ what’s the matter ?”

Annisa             : “My cell phone is not working well,……………….?”

Rizal                : “sure, I think it’s because you run many applications. Close the applications that you don’t need to open.”

Annisa             : “Alright. Thank you.”

a.      Can you repair it

b.      Can I help you

c.       May I have your attention, please

d.      Can you buy me a phone, please?

5.      Ahmad             : “Ram. Will you accompany me to the rest room?”

Ramdani          : “Sure. Let’s go.”

Ahmad             : “Excuse me sir…………….”

Teacher           : “Go ahead.”

a.      Will you go to the restroom?

b.      Can you go to the restroom?

c.       May we  go to the restroom?

d.      Will we go to the restroom?


Sam and Jammy are taekwondo athletes, their ability are…

a.                   They can do martial arts

b.                  They can do boxing

c.                   They can play chess

d.                  They can do math


Mom : The window is dirty ………………..!

Boy   : Ok Mom.

a.       Let’s clean the window

b.      Are you cleaning ?

c.       Let’s clean the floor

d.      Let’s clean the white board


Where do we usually find the prohibition sign?

a.       At the restaurant

b.      At the mall

c.       At the swimming pool

d.      At the canteen


What does the obligation mean?

a.       People aren't permitted to throw rubbish here.

b.      People can get gasoline for their cars here.

c.       People must be careful with their hands.

d.       People must not steal things here.

10.  Which sign goes with the sentence

"Drivers mustn't park their cars here".






11.  Mother            : It’s getting dark in the room…….please!”

Ahmad             : “all right’”

a.      Close the door

b.      Open the window

c.       Turn off the lamp

d.      Turn on the lamp

12.  Annisa             : Have you finished your English homework?

Anida               : No, I haven’t………………………….!

Annisa             : Ok. I’ll at your home tomorrow morning

a.      May I have your attentiom?

b.      How about going to my house

c.       Will you come to my house?

d.      Let’s study together at your house

13.  Qarry     : I and Noona are going to movie next week……………….?

Naimah  : I,m sorry I’m going to accompany my mother to the mall.

a.      Would you like to go with us?

b.      Would you like to coming?

c.       Would you like to drive?

d.      Would you like to invite us?

This greeting card is for questions no.14 - 15

Dear Andini,


I’m sorry to hear that you are hospitalized for two days

We hope you will get better soon.

We miss you much.


Your friends.

Anita and Sakira



14.  What do Anita and Sakira send the card for?

a.      They send the card to show their sympathy

b.      They send the card to show their feeling

c.       They send the card to say hello

d.      They send the card to say congratulations

  1. Who is the receiver?
    1. Andini
    2. Anita and Sakira
    3. I am
    4. Your friend

Read the text is for number 16-17

MTs Pulosari
JLBandung -Tasikmalaya
Telp (021) 4244612
Dear Noona
We invite you to attend our meeting that will be held:
On Saturday, December 16,2023
At 01.30 p.m. – 02.30 p.m.
In the school hall

Secretary Fadlan,

16.  The meeting will be held…

a.      On Sunday, December  8,2023

b.      On Saturday, November 8,2023

c.       On Friday, June 8,2023

d.      On Saturday, December 16,2023

17.  Based on the text, we know that .…

a.      The meeting will be held in the morning

b.      If you could not come, you should call Fadlan

c.       The meeting only invites the committee

d.      The meeting will be held in the school hall

The Text is for number 18-20

18.  What is the text is written for?

a.       To promote the product

b.      To invite somebody to a party

c.       To welcome an invitee

d.      To graduate someone

19.  Who should we contact to make a confirmation?

a.       Jane

b.      James

c.       Koala resto

d.      Cikitsu Batam

20.  When will the party be held?

a.       On Saturday at the 28th November

b.      On Saturday Fifteen November

c.       On Saturday 1st November

d.      On Saturday 7th November

The Text is for number 21-22

To : Sandra 


Please come to the basketball practice 

On Thursday, 25th December

At 3:30 p.m 

At the school-basketball court 

Don’t miss it !

This will be the practice before the final round of interschool basketball competition. 


The captain 

21.    What is the purpose of the text? 

a.       To persuade Sandra to play badminton 

b.       To invite Sandra to attend a basketball practice 

c.       To invite Sandra about the last basketball practice 

d.       To remind Sandra about an interschool basketball competition 

  1. From the text above we know that… 

a.       The practice will be in the morning 

b.       Sandra is a basketball captain 

c.       The practice will be at weekend 

d.       Sandra and her team will have a competition

23.   Arrange the jumbled word into the correct answer

                You – thank -  for – great – us – teacher – being    – a -  for

1                  2          3         4          5         6             7          8       9

    1. 2 1 9 7 8 4 6 3 5  
    2. 2 1 9 7 8 4 6 5 3 
    3. 2 1 9 7 8 4 3 5 6
    4. 2 1 9 7 8 4 5 6 3

24.  I can't see the film well because I am sitting . . .  the back row.

a.      in

b.      at

c.       of

d.      on

25.  If you want to feel true peace, you  should stay . . . . a small island in the middle of the ocean.

a.      In

b.      At

c.       On

d.      Of

26.  Okto  : How many passengers .…… on the flight?

Dodit : Forty six. It's a small plane.

a.      There are

b.      There is

c.       Are there

d.      Is there



Where is the rabbit?

a.       Rabbit is in front of the turtle

b.       Rabbit is behind the turtle

c.       Rabbit is beside the turtle

d.       Rabbit is between the turtle

28.  Mother : I need some sugar to make a cake, but there is only a few in the jar. Can you buy                me some please?”

Aminah           : “……….. sugar do you need, Mam?

Mother : “1 kg. Thank you.”

a.      How many

b.      How much

c.       How long

d.      How far

29.  Annisa : …………………………… milk do you need?

Annida : we have two cartoons of milk.

a. how many

b.         How much

c.         How long

d.         How far

30.  A : Do you have…….green onion?

B : Yes I have some.

a.       Some

b.      Any

c.       Many

d.      Much


There are …………… on the tree.

a.       A lot of birds

b.      A lot of bird

c.       Much birds

d.      Any birds


This text is for number 32-35


Noona wakes up at 04.00, then she makes the bed. She moves to the bathroom then she washes her face. Then she prays Subuh. Then She cleans her house. Before goes to School She already has a breakfast and takes a bath. She studies from 8.00 a.m until 12 p.m. After school, she has lunch and She usually plays video games when She is alone at home. In the afternoon She waters plants and sweeps the floor. In the night she goes to bed at 9 pm.


32.  What does Noona do after School?

a.      She moves to the bathroom

b.      She has breakfast

c.       She studies

d.      She has lunch

33.  What does Noona usually do in the afternoon?

a.      She moves to the bathroom

b.      She waters the plants

c.       She has breakfast

d.      She waters plants and sweep the floor.

34.  Then synonym of wakes up is……

a.      Sleeps

b.      Takes a nap

c.       Makes up

d.      Gets up

35.  She cleans her house in negative form is…

a.      She do not clean her house

b.      She does not clean her house

c.       She does not cleans her house

d.      She does clean her house

36.  Arrange the words into question sentence.

(She/want/what/for dinner)

a.       What do she want for dinner?

b.      What does she want for dinner?

c.       What is she want for dinner?

d.      What doing she want for dinner?

37.  A: Do you help your friends study?


a.       Yes I don’t

b.      Yes I do

c.        Yes I doesn’t

d.      Yes I does

The text is for number 38-39

Ardi and Raina are students of an athletics school. They start their day very early in the morning. At 5 a.m they have physical exercises. The exercises are often very hard and tiring. They sometimes scream or cry, but they don’t stop doing the exercise. They know that they must work very hard to be good athletes. School begins at 8 a.m and finishes at 12 p.m

38.  What do Ardi and Raina?

a.       They are trainers

b.      They are athletes

c.       They are teachers

d.      They are fotballers

39.  Which is true about Ardi and Raina?

a.       They get up at after 5 a.m

b.      They get up at 5 a.m

c.       They get up at 4

d.      They get up before 5 a.m

40.  Why do they sometimes scream or cry?

a.       Because they miss their families

b.      Because they want to be good athletes

c.       Because they do not stop having exercises

d.      Because the exercise are often hard and tiring