Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 MTs/SMP Kurikulum Darurat 2020/2021

Latihan Soal kelas 8
Haloo Assalamualaikum... hari ini konten blognya lain dari biasanya, untuk membantu anak-anak di rumah belajar sebelum PAS minggu depan ada beberapa soal untuk di eksekusi nih, semoga membantu ya... Pandemi jangan pernah menyurutkan semangat belajar kita semua. Selamat berlatih.

1.       1. Mr. Heri : Attention please

Arif           : Yes sir

The underlined word is expression of……

a.        Asking opinion         b.  Responding opinion  c. Asking attention d.Giving attention



4.    2. Messi  is football player. His ability is...

a.       He can play football.

b.       He can sing a song.

c.       He can write a poem.

d.       He can ride a bike

5.      3. The Expressions of ability below is true, except...

a.       I can drive a car 2 years ago before got accident.

b.       I am able to sing a song.

c.       I am able to read Qur’an now.

d.       I can speak English fluently

6.      4.  

a.       Yes, I can

b.       I’m sorry I don’t get your point

c.       I know

d.       I see what you are saying

7.      5.  Elsa    : Do you understand what I said?

Hellen: Yes, I do

The expression that Elsa says to Hellen is....

a.       Talk about news

b.       Checking understanding

c.       Checking Attention

d.       Asking ability


9.       6. The negative form of the sentence. "She will visit her grandma next Monday" is.......

a.       She won’t not visit her grandma next Sunday

b.       She will not visit her grandma next Sunday

c.       She will won’t visit her grandma next Sunday

d.       Will she visit her grandma next Sunday?


117.  The best question for dialog below is....

Ery :………………………

Kevin : Yes, I could play the piano since I was four

a.       can you teach me playing piano?

b.       can you play piano?

c.       you are great a pianist

d.       can you give me a prize?

128. when we want to tell people about inability , we say.....

a.        I can play violin

b.       I can't play the violin

c.       I don't like the violin

d.       I will play the violin

139.   The dialog for number, 9, 10, 11

Nina  : How do you find the word responsible in the dictionary?

Johan :9……......... Open the page with the words beginning with R

Nina : here?

Johan: Right. 10............... Can you find it?

Nina: Yes. I have found it.

Johan : Good. 11................?

9.         a.       Do you understand?

b.       Now, go down the list of the word.

c.       Let me show you

d.       May I have your attention

14      10.     a.       Do you understand?

b.       Now, go down the list of the word.

c.       Let me show you

d.       May I have your attention

15    11.   a. Do you understand?

    b. Now, go down the list of the word.

    c. Let me show you

    d. May I have your attention

16    12. Jawaban yang tepat untuk pertanyaan "Do you understand?" adalah....

a.       Yes, I do

b.       Yes, I can

c.       Yes, I will

d.       Yes, am

    13. can you .......... my book?

a.       Return

b.       Returns

c.       Returned

d.       Returning


30    14.   When we say " You mustn't cheat on exam," it means....

    a. it is allright to be quiet                       

    b. it is important to cheat on exam

    c. it is not alright to cheat on exam           

    d. it is not important to cheat on exam

31    15.   we also use must and mustn't to talk about...



    c. rules                

    d. school

32    16.   When we say, "you must be quiet," it means...

        a. it is alright to be quiet                         

          b. it is important to be quietc

        c. it is not alright to be quiet                

       d. it is important to be quiet

31    17.    The best answer is....

    Noona : Can you speak English?

    Qarry :………………………….(Ability)

    a. Yes I can          b. No, I can      

    c. No, I can’t       d. Yes. I can’t

31    18..    next - holiday - Beach - we - going - to - go -are - to – pangandaran

    a.we are going to Pangandaran Beach to go next holiday

    b. we are going to go to Pangandaran Beach next holiday

    c. we are going to go next holiday to Pangandaran Beach

    d. we are going to go Beach Pangandaran to next holiday

40    19.   The statement below is responding of MISUNDERSTANDING

     a. did you get it?                           

    b. Do you know what I'm talking about?

     c. Do you know what I mean?                 

           d. I'm not sure I know what you mean

    20. Mr. Andrew : Cherry, can you open the window please, it’s hot

    Cherry           :…………………………

    Mr. Andrew: Thanks

    The best answer to complete dialogue above is….

a.       No, I can’t.                  b. Yes, I can, Sir                

 c. Yes, I don’t care            d. Yes, I’m not sure