Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 MTs/SMP Kurikulum Darurat 2020/2021


Haloo Assalamualaikum... hari ini konten blognya lain dari biasanya, untuk membantu anak-anak di rumah belajar sebelum PAS minggu depan ada beberapa soal untuk di eksekusi nih, semoga membantu ya... Pandemi jangan pernah menyurutkan semangat belajar kita semua. Selamat berlatih.

This text is for number 1-6
hello guys, I want to tell you How to make sunrise salad. we need some strawberries, some grapes, a banana, a cup of yoghurt and some mint leaves. and the equipment we only need a knife, a large bowl and a small bowl. first, (1) .................... the fruit and let it (2) .................... on paper towels. Then, Cut the strawberries and grapes in a half. Next, Cut the banana into chunks or big pieces. Then, (3) .......................... all the fruit in a bowl. After that, (4) ........................some yoghurt on the top of the fruit salad. finally, (5) .............some mint leaves on top of it. Your sunrise salad is ready to (6) .........................
1. a. cut b. put c. mix d. wash
2. a. mix b. wash    c. dry d. cut
3. a. cut b. mix c. put d. pour
4. a. pour b. mix c. put d. dry
5. a. dry b. mix c. put d. serve
6. a. dry b. put c.serve d. cut

7. The function of Procedure Text is......
a. Describe about something
b. Retell about experience
c. Tells how to make/to do something
d. Tells about story or history

8. generic structure of procedure text is...
a. Identification – Description
b. Orientation - Event – Reorientation
c. Orientation - complication – resolution
d. Goal - Material – Steps

9. choose the following sentence which expression of hope is...
a. I need a nice house
b. I would like to have a nice house
c. I wish I had a nice house
d. I like a nice house

10. when we say good luck, it means....
a. be careful
b. no problem
c. don't be afraid
d. I wish good things may happen you

11. congratulation is an expression of... 
a. anger b. praise c. regret d. confusion

12. When someone say congratulations to us, we say...
a. You're welcome b. thankyou c. no problem d. you too
The text is for number 13 - 15
Create a YouTube channel
: pre;"> You must have a computer or smartphone
- Google account
- Internet network is required

1. Go to YouTube and sign in. 
2. Head over to and click 'sign in' in the top right corner of the page: ...
3. Head over to your YouTube settings. In the top right corner of the screen, click on your profile icon and then click "Create a channel." ...
4. Create your channel.
13. What is the title of the text?
a. YouTube
b. Create YouTube channel 
c. To be a Youtuber
d. How to make a video

14. What is the synonym of “Head over to...”? 
a. Come to b. go to c. move to d. sign to

15. Besides phone or computer what else is needed to create YouTube channel?
a. Friends b. camera c. internet network d. Facebook

16. “In the top right corner of the screen “ in Bahasa is….
a. Di sudut kiri atas layar
b. Di sudut kanan atas layar
c. Di sudut kiri bawah layar
d. Di sudut kanan bawah layar