Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA K13 2020/2021



Haloo Assalamualaikum... hari ini konten blognya lain dari biasanya, untuk membantu anak-anak di rumah belajar sebelum PAS minggu depan ada beberapa soal untuk di eksekusi nih, semoga membantu ya... . Selamat berlatih  

1.      Rendy                         : Bob, ……………….. to my classmate, Tom?

Bobby              : With pleasure.

Rendy             : Tom, this is Bobby, my close friend.

Tom                 : Hi, nice to meet you, Bob.

Bobby              : Glad to meet you, Tom.

a. do you know                       b. have you met          c. have you known

d. may I introduce you            e. have you seen

2.      Sisca   : Hi, my name is Sisca. How do you do?

Diana   : ….., nice to meet you.

a. How are you?     

b. I’m fine       

c. What is your name 

d. I’m alright      

e. How do you do

3.      What do you say if you want ask about hobby?

a.         What do people call you?

b.         What did you do?

c.         What do you do in the spare time?

d.         What do you want?

e.         Where do you live?

4.      .          “ She comes from Poland”

The best question for the statement is….

a.         Where are you?

b.         Where do you live?

c.         Where are you from?

d.         Where is she from?

e.         Where does she  live?


This text is for number 5-7


A person in a suit and tie

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


P           USA                        000078004  0                                                                                                          




PLACE OF BIRTH :WASHIMGTON, DC, USA                                                                   SEX : M

DATE OF ISSUE                                                                                     

17 NOV 2016                                                                                   ISSUING OFFICE UNITED STATE                                     

DATE OF EXPIRY                                                                               16 NOV 2020

5.      What is his surename?

a.         Moss    b. Frank      c. Ferdinand       d. Frank Moss      e. Moss Ferdinand    

6.      When is the passport expire?

a. In 5 years    

b. 4 march 2013 

c. Since 5 years  

d. 5 November 2016   

e. 16 November 2020

7.      What is TRUE about the man?

a.         He was born in USA

b.         The passport is valid for four years

c.         He works for the department of states

d.         He celebrates his birthday on November 16

e.         His father’s name is probably Mr. Frank Moss

8.      The following sentences are responses of congratulation, except....

a. Thank you very much

b. It was really nothing

c. Thanks

d. It’s nice of you to say so

e. No problem

9.      Noona   : I must congratulate you on creating a new logo for our club.

Qarry     : Thank you. I hope everybody likes it.

What does Noona mean?

a.      She ask Qarry to create new logo

b.      She congratulates Qarry’s work

c.       She gives Qarry a logo for their club

d.      She helps Qarry to create a new logo

e.      She wants to create a new logo for the club.

The text is for number 10-11

Dear Rendra,

Sorry to hear you feeling unwell. In your rest and heal,I hope you recover soon. I believe staying at your lovely home lead you fast recovery. I know you are strong and can pass this situation.

Keep spirited


10.  Feby want to ………… Rendra through this card.

a.      Care   b.  Examine       c. Support        d. Accompany     e. Know

11.  From the text, we know that Rendra is ……...

a.      Sick      b. fine              c. healthy         d. hospitalized             e. good

12.  What’s complementing expression that you will say if  “your friend is singing beautifully”

a.What a lovely dress

b. That’s a lovely cake           

c. That’t lovely voiced.          

d. Do you really think so?       

e. I am very good

13.  Naimah          : I got A for English test today.

Noona             : ...............................

Naimah            :Thank you.

a. Oh you are just flaterring me.      

b. That’s marvelous goal.     

c.  Hey, I like new hair do.     

d.  Really? You did it very well.         

e. It’s good lunch.

14.  What is the text about?

a.        A compliment on the stunning style

b.        A congratulation on the stunning style

c.        An appointment to a new position

d.        An order to start a new style

e.        A good wish for the new style

            The text is for number 15-17

Dear Mr. Jhon Brian,

Based on our discussion on Thursday, my business partner and I reviewed and discussed the situation. We have agreed to purchase your business, twice over. We will pay your requested purchase price of $20,000 which includes the business and the equipment necessary to operate it.

We would like to meet you next Tuesday, 26 May, for the final agreement, we intend to bring all the necessary paperwork and the tender payment, at that meeting, we will also wish to set a date, which will not exceed thirty days, when we will take over the operation.

Your sincerely.

Jonas Kerr

15.  what is the letter about?

a.      intention to take over the company

b.      arrangement for a meeting

c.       the price of the company       

d.      an operational procedure

e.      cooperation agreement

16.  what will happen on 26th May?

a.      They will sign the agreement

b.      Jhon Brian will consider the proposal

c.       Jonas Kerr will take over the operation

d.      They will work together to operate the company

e.      Jonas Kerr will supply the equipment to operate the company

17.  “….. and we have agreed to purchase your business… “ (par.1)

What does the underlined word mean?

a.      Join      b. Buy              c. Invest                       d. Support        e. Cooperate

18.  The sentences below are intention , except..

a.      I will gift him a special gift

b.      I’m going to visit my grandma

c.       I'd like to say big thank to my best friend

d.      I'm going to describe the painting briefly

e.      I want to make pasta for my family.

19.  The best question for intention is....

a.      What did you do yesterday?

b.      What do you do?

c.       What would you like to do next week?

d.      How do they feel?

e.      Where does she meet her friend?

The text is for number 20-23

Change the verbs into past tense

I (20. Go)______ to Bandung last week, I (21. am) _________there for three days. I (22.walk) _______in the streets of Bandung and visited Vanda Park. I (23. Take)________ a lot of pictures of this beautiful city. I was so happy.

20.  a. Go               b. Goes                        c. Gone                        d. Going                         e. Went

21.  a. Is                 b. Was             c. Am               d. Were                         e. Are

22.  a. Walk                       b. Walks          c.  Walking      d. Walked          e. Didn’t walked

23.  a. take            b. takes                        c.  taken                       d. taking            e. took

The Text for number 24-28

Semarang City the capital of Central Java Province, it is located on the northern Coast of java island. Like all munipilities in Indonesia. It is led by a mayor. The shoutern parts of the city are higher than its northern parts. The city covers an area of over 200 square km. it is divided into 16 Kecamatan or sub-districts. Similar to all regions in Indonesia, Semarang has a tropical climate with wet and dry season.

As of 2015 the population of Semarang city has reached 1.8 milions. Placing it fifth in the list of most dense cities in Indonesia. The people are predominantly Javanese, but it also has a considerably high number of people of Chinese ethnicity. Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese are the main languages spoken in the city. The population of Chinese ethnicity also speak mandarin or Hokkien.

As there are many people of Chinese ethnicity in Semarang, many Chinese temples were built as their places of worship. The Sam poo kong is the oldest in Semarang. Other historical landmarks in the city include Tugu Muda, Blenduk church and lawang Sewu. Tugu Muda is monument commemorating Indonesia independence struggle. Blenduk church is a protestant Church built by the Dutch in 1753. Lawang Sewu is built as a headquarters of dutch East Indis railway company. It is famous for its numerous doors, hence the name, literally meaning “thousand doors”

24.  What is the purpose of the text?

a.      To describe about person

b.      To describe about thing

c.       To describe about place

d.      To describe about plant

e.      To describe about animal

25.  where is the town located?

a.      The capital is west java

b.      On the northern coast of Java Island

c.       East java

d.      In the Shoutern in Indonesia

e.      In the western Indonesia

26.  what is the paragraph 3 talks about?

a.      Identify the Semarang City

b.      Population in the Semarang city

c.       Tells about the popular landmarks in Semarang city

d.      Tells about Ethnicities

e.      Tells about language in Semarang City

27.  Semarang City is Led by a Mayor,  the underlined word means…..

a.      Gubernur

b.      Walikota

c.       Bupati

d.      Sultan

e.      Perdana Menteri

28.  The generic structure of the text is…….

a.      Orientation- event – resolusion

b.      Orientation- problem- reorientation

c.       Identification – Description

d.      Material – Steps

e.      Identification – Explanation

29.  I think English is______________  than mathematic

a.      Easiest

b.      Easy

c.       Easier

d.      More easy

e.      Ease

30.  What is the _________ phone in the world?

a.      Expensive

b.      Expensiver

c.       Expensivest

d.      More expensive

e.      Most expensive