Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 SMA/MA K13 2020/2021



Haloo Assalamualaikum... hari ini konten blognya lain dari biasanya, untuk membantu anak-anak di rumah belajar sebelum PAS minggu depan ada beberapa soal untuk di eksekusi nih, semoga membantu ya... Pandemi jangan pernah menyurutkan semangat belajar kita semua. Selamat berlatih  

1. Rendy : Bob, ……… to my classmate, Tom?

Bobby : With pleasure.

Rendy : Tom, this is Bobby, my close friend.

Tom : Hi, nice to meet you, Bob.

Bobby : Glad to meet you, Tom.

a. do you know b. have you met c. have you known d. may I introduce you e. have you seen

2. A: Hi, my name is Sisca. How do you do?

B: ….., nice to meet you.

a. How are you?      b. I’m fine c. What is your name d. I’m alright       e. How do you do

3. What do you say if you want ask about hobby?

a. What do people call you?

b. What did you do?

c. What do you do in the spare time?

d. What do you want?

e. Where do you live?

4. “ She comes from Poland”

The best question for the statement is….

a. Where are you?

b. Where do you live?

c. Where are you from?

d. Where is she from?

e. Where does she  live?

5. Have - I - studied – for – five – Mandarin – years

a. I have studied Mandarin for five years 

b. I have five years studied for Mandarin 

c. I have five years for studied Mandarin 

d. I have years five studied for Mandarin 

e. I have five years for Mandarin studied

6. ………………. You studied English?

a. How far b. How many c. how long d. how old e. how much

7. “Linda is an architect” the best question for the statement is…

a. How do you do?    b. what do you like??      c. what are you? 

b. d. what are you doing? d. how are you?

8. what do you ask if your friend answer you : " I was born in 9 Mei 2000"

a. where are you from?

b. When were you born?

c. Where were you born?

d. Where was you born?

e. When was you born?

9. Where ........ She Live?

a. Is b. does c. was d. has e. do

10. what do you ask to your friend about her/his plan?

a. what are you going to do?

b. I am going to visit you

c. I will call you tonight

d. it is a secret

e. I will give him special gift

11. what do you plans if you know "your friend has been very sick"

a. I will visit some museum

b. I am going to visit her/him

c. I will eat so much

d. I am going to sleep well

e. I will play with her/him

12. Below are the expression of intention, except…

a. I’m planning to get married soon

b. I would like to take a shower

c. Would you like a cup of coffee?

d. I’ll go for a vacation

e. I’m going to renovate the house

13.  I’d like come to your house next week.

The underlined word the short form from…

a.       I had      b. I would            c. I should            d. I could              e. I had not

  The dialog for number 14-17

John: 14…………………… bike you have. 

James: Thanks, I’ve just bought it yesterday.. I 15…………… use it to drive to school

John: You bought it with your own money? 

James: Yeah… I have been saving money since two years ago. 

John: 16……………………….

James: Sure. I save my money, cent by cent, dollar by dollar

John: 17………………………….

James: thanks 

14. a. What is it b. what a nice c. good job d. will e. are you serious?

15. a. What is it b. what a nice c. good job d. will e. are you serious?

16. a. What is it b. what a nice c. good job d. will e. are you serious?

17. a. What is it b. what a nice c. good job d. will e. are you serious?

18. The following sentences are expression of congratulation, except....

a. please accept my warm congratulation

b. I congratulate you on your success

c. I’m sorry to hear that

d. congratulations!

e. well done, congratulations for you

19. The following sentences are responses of congratulation, except....

a. Thankyou very much

b. it was really nothing

c. thank you

d. it’s nice of you to say so

e. no problem

20. “To say something good about a person and express admiration” is the definition of…..

a. Intention b. compliment c. introduction  d. thankful  e. Attention