Report Text VS Descriptive Text

Report Text vs Descriptive Text

Kalau membaca text report dan descriptive memang sedikit membingungkan karena sekilas  hampir mirip. Ciri kebahasaan keduanya menggunakan simple present tense dan sama - sama mendeskripsikan sesuatu. Tapi jelas berbeda.

Descriptive memiliki generic structure
  • Identification
  • Description
Sementara Report memiliki generic structure 
  • General classification
  • Description

Descriptive Text mendeskripsikan sesuatu secara spesifik contohnya ketika kalian mau menulis teks tentang Tanaman Kesayangan misal ya, maka kalian akan mendeskripsikannya secara jelas bahwa tak ada yang memiliki Tanaman seperti yang kalian miliki. Nama tanamannya, bagaimana ia tumbuh, manfaatnya, namanya dan sebagainya. Descriptive Biasanya bersifat subjective serta mengandung opini dari penulis. Tulisan lebih sering merupakan pengamatan dan pendapat pribadi,

Report Text mendeskripsikan sesuatu baik benda atau binatang secara umum saja contohnya text tentang Pohon maka yang dijelaskan adalah pohon dan bagian-bagiannya secara umum. Bersifat objective dan sesuai fakta. Tulisan berupa hasil pengamatan ilmiah dan penelitian khusus disertai bukti ilmiah.

Contoh Descriptive Text 

My Small House

I live in a small house. It has five rooms: there are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Indeed it is a small house; but I like living in here for wasting my spare time.

When the door is open, I can see the living room. It is so small with only three chairs and a table, nothing else. I prefer reading a novel in this room.

My bedroom is in the left side of the living room. In this room there is a night table next to the bed, a TV, a radio, and a computer. When being bored of reading, I usually play online games, chat with my friends via Facebook and so on.

Next to my bedroom is my mother’s. I do not know what is inside because I never come in to see it. In the right side of the living room there is the kitchen. In the kitchen I have everything I need when I get hungry. It is very pleasure when my mother cooks, the smell fills my whole house.

I know it is a very small house; but it is the best place I have ever seen.

(Taken from. british

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall sounds unfamiliar for either local or foreign tourists. Lembah Pelangi Waterfall is located in Sukamaju village, Ulubelu sub district, Tanggamus district, Lampung province, Indonesia. The access to this place is quite difficult because Ulu Belu sub district is a remote area in Lampung with its hilly contours which make this tourist spot elusive.

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall has two levels where the waterfall on the second level has two branches. The height of the first level waterfall is about 100 meters, while the second level waterfall is about dozens of meters. The best enchantment of this waterfall is the rainbow which appears between the valley and the waterfall as the name suggests. The soft flowing gurgling waterfall sounds is like a chant of nature which can remove the tiredness of the long trip to go there. Under the waterfall, there are several spots of warm water which can be an interesting spot for bathing.

In this place, you will be shown a panorama of natural beauty which is very interesting for every pair of eyes seeing it. Rocky hills accompanied by leafy trees will actually soothe both your eyes.

(Taken from British

Contoh Report Text 


Plants divided into two parts. The first part will be about trees and the second will be about flowering plants. Trees can be three main parts: the crown or canopy, trunk and roots.

The crown or the canopy is at the top of a tree. It filters dust and other particles from the air. It consists of leaves, branches and twigs. The leaves are the food factories of a tree. They contain chlorophyl which helps the photosynthesis process and gives green color to the leaves.

The trunk of a tree supports the crown and gives the tree its shape and strength. The trunk consists pf several layer. The layers carry water and mineral up from the roots to the leaves and they carry sugar down from the leaves to the branches, trunk and roots.

Roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil, store sugar, and hold the tree upright in the ground. Roots also have a lot of branches. Some roots can go down more than four meters! Now look at this chart and after a break.

(Taken from : Erlangga 3)


Rabbits are four-legged herbivorous mammals with long ears, a divided upper lip and two powerful back legs which make them a good hopper. At first, they were called coneys.

The name “Rabbit” was first used to address the young coneys until the 18th century when the word “Rabbit” became more popular in the society.

The new born rabbits are naked and blind, this helpless condition is the reason why rabbits live in a secure dens underground.

Rabbits can only be found in several parts of the world, and of all that are divided into eight different genera, they are:

  1. Genus Pentalagus
  2. Genus Bunolagus
  3. Genus Nesolagus
  4. Genus Romerolagus
  5. Genus Brachylagus
  6. Genus Sylvilagus
  7. Genus Oryctolagus
  8. and Genus Poelagus.

All rabbits has a typical short tail. Their average body size are 20 to 50 cm long and the average weight around half to 2 kg. It is recorded that adult rabbit has 3 years lifespan in their natural habitat, but it is also believed that they can live longer if they are under human care. Just like human, they sleep for about 8 hours in their underground burrows.

They have a wide variety of color, start from white, brown, black and grey. But most of them have a combination of some colors.

Rabbits communicate to each other by performing various body position and also by making a few sounds.

(taken from.

Semoga membantu. Thankyou for reading.