Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas X MA/SMA Tahun Ajaran 2020/2021

PAT Bahasa Inggris 10

       Please read the text to answer number 1-7

            Once upon time, there lived a mighty young man name Serunting in Semidang, South Sumatera. He was very powerful due to the fact that that he was the son of a powerful giant and a princess, princess Tenggang. Serunting had a brother in law named Arya Tebing’s sister was Serunting,s wife.

            The two young men quarreled because of Serunting’s jeolusly over Arya Tebing. Each of them had a rice paddy, side by side, separated by a decayed fallen tree. On this tree, some mushroom grew. The ones that overlooking Arya Tebing,s rice paddy turned into gold, while those that grew overlooking Serunting’s turned into useless that grass. This made Serunting envious. No matter how hard he tried to move the tree, the mushroom  overlooking Arya tebing’s ricepaddy remained gold.

            Eventually, a violent fight brokeout broke out between them. Knowing that Serunting was mightier than him, Arya tebing gave up fighting. He persuaded his sister to find out Serunting’s weakness. She told Arya that Serunting concealed his soul in the highest thatch grass, which remained unshaken even when the wind blew on it.

            The next day, both young men resumed their fight. Having learned the secret.  Arya Tebing pierced the thatchgrass with his spear. Serunting fell in his leg was badly injured. Serunting knew that his wife had betrayed him so he left angrily. He headed to Mount Siguntang and asked the God of Mahameru for mighty powers. The God told him to sit and meditate under a bamboo tree until his body was completely covered by the bamboo leaves. Serunting did that for two years and succeededin getting the mighty powers. Whatever words, he spoke would turn into a curse immediately. From then on, people called him, “Si Pahit Lidah” (the bitter tongue) woe to him who dared oppose Serunting. Everbody feared him because everyone who opposed Serunting was turned to stone by his curse.

1.      The communicative purpose of the text is…

a.       To tell about the legend of Si Pahit Lidah

b.      To entertain about the legend of Si Pahit Lidah

c.       To describe the legend of si pahit Lidah

d.      To inform the legend of si Pahit lidah

e.       To explain the legend of Si Pahit Lidah

4.      What made Serunting a mighty man? Because…

a.       There are a very powerful giant and the princess

b.      He was the son of a very powerful giant and the princess

c.       He was born in Semidang Land

d.      The giant gave him great power

e.       He was born in South Sumatera

2.      “Serunting’s wife told Arya that Serunting concealed his soul into…. (paragraph 3). The underlined phrase refers to…

a.       Serunting wife’s soul

b.      Arya’s soul

c.       Serunting’s soul

d.      Grass’s soul

e.       Someone’s soul

3.      Paragraoh 3 mainly tells us about…

a.       Serunting is winner of fight

b.      Arya Tebing lost

c.       The weakness of Serunting

d.      A flight between Arya and Serunting

e.       a fight to find out the weakness of each

4.      what was the quarrel between Serunting and Arya Tebing about?

a.       Gold

b.      Rice paddies

c.       Girl

d.      Tree

e.       Mushroom

5.      Which statement is false about Serunting?

a.       He has wife, Arya’s sister

b.      He and Arya had same rice paddies

c.       He won the fight at last

d.      His wife said Arya the secret

e.       He had mighty power in his tongue

6.      “…. His body was completely covered by the bamboo leaves”. The underlined word is closest in meaning to…

a.       Scoped

b.      Hidden

c.       Fallen

d.      Turned

e.       Wrapped

7.  What lesson can we take from the text above?

a.       We must respect each other

b.      Knowledge is power

c.       A fight is not solution

d.      Win-win solution

e.       The secret thing is important

   Please change into passive voice for number 8-9

8.  Yesterday Barbara………. By bee

a.       Was sting

b.      Was stung

c.       Was stinging

d.      Is stung

e.       Is stinging

9.  Yesterday, The door to the shed……..

a.       Was locking

b.      Locked

c.       Was locked

d.      Is locked

e.       Were locked

10.  Which of the following statements is TRUE based on the text?

a. every class should join all the contest

b. the event is to celebrate the school’s anniversary

c. there should be five students participating in the drama

d. the singing participants should be between two and five students from each class

e. there should be three students participating in the stand up comedy from each class


The following text is for number 11-15

            The Monkey and the Crocodile One day, there was a monkey. He wanted to cross a river. There he saw a crocodile so he asked the crocodile to take him across the other side of the river. The crocodile agreed and told the monkey to jump on its back. Then the crocodile swam down the river with the monkey on his top.

Unluckily, the crocodile was very hungry, he stopped in the middle of the river and said to the monkey, “My father is very sick. He has to eat the heart of the monkey. So he will be health again.” At the time, the monkey was in dangerous situation and he had to think hard. Then he had a good idea. He told the crocodile to swim back to the river bank. “What’s for?” asked the crocodile. “Because I don’t bring my heart,” said the monkey. “I left it under a tree, near some coconuts in the river bank.” The crocodile agreed and turned around. He swam back to the bank of the river. As soon as they reached the river bank, the monkey jumped off the crocodile’s back. Then he climbed up to the top of a tree. “Where is your heart?” asked the crocodile. “You are foolish,” said the monkey to the crocodile. “Now I am free and I have my heart.”

11. What did the monkey want?

 a. Cross the river b. Eat some bananas c. Drink in the river d. Met the crocodile e. Took a rest

12. What did the monkey see at the river?

 a. Crocodile b. Fish c. Wolf d. Goat e. Farmer

13. According to the crocodile, how to make the crocodile’s father healthy?

 a. Eat the heart of the monkey b. Go to the doctor c. Take a rest d. Went to the therapy e. Eat the monkey’s heart

14. What is the character of the crocodile?

 a. Smart b. Stupid c. Cheerful d. Calm e. Contentious

15. River bank=….

a. tengah sungai b. pinggir sungai c. hulu sungai d. hilir sungai e. laut

16. The song COUNT ON ME  is about….

a.       numbers

b.      friendship

c.       math

d.      calculation

e.       counting

17. If you ever find yourself  lost in the dark

And you can see,

I’ll be the light to guide you

It’s mean….

a.       If you are in the dark, turn on the flashlight

b.      If it gets dark, I will turn on the light

c.       If you have a problem, I will help you

d.      Don’t be afraid of the dark

e.       I will be with you

18.  Cause that’s was friends are supposed to do

The word CAUSE is from the word ….

a.       Causative

b.      Because

c.       Causing

d.      Caution

e.       Causeway

19. Annisa – in – has – two – lived – ago – Jakarta – since – years

a.       Annisa has lived since two years ago in Jakarta

b.      has Annisa lived in Jakarta since two years ago

c.       Annisa has lived in Jakarta since two years ago

d.      since two years ago Annisa has lived in Jakarta

e.       Annisa has lived in two years ago in Jakarta

20. To tell the condition as what they are the writer mostly expresses them in….

a.       a. passive voice

b.      b. modals

c.    c.   past tense

d.      d. present tense

e.       e. direct speech

21. the – test – have – already – English – students – finished – their

a. The students have finished their English test already

b. The students have already finished their English test

c. The students already have finished their English test

d. The students have finished already their English test

e. The students have finished their already English test

21. David : “Hi….how do you do?”

     Martin : “………”

a. How do you do

b. Nice to meet you

c. I’m fine, and you?

d. not bad

e. a and b are correct

22.  Pete : “How about having dinner with me tonight?

      Kate : “Thanks you, I’d love to.

From the dialogue above we conclude that …..

a. kate declines the the invitation

b. pete want to have dinner

c. kate love pete

d. pete invites kate to have dinner together

e. pete make a date with kate

23. The boy : “……, madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you?”

The old lady : “ By all means.”

a. Hi

b. Excuse me

c. Hello

d. How do you do

e. Nice to meet you

24. April : “ my brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of prominent university in America.”

Ivone : “ ……………..”

a. I’m glad to hear that

b. I’m sorry to know that

c. it’s commond.

d. I’m not surprise

e. I’m not satisfied

25. Cavin : “You know Rita’s father is hospitalized for his serious illness.”

Barbara : “…………….”

a. She must be very sad

b. She must be very happy

c. Excuse me

d. It’s borring

e. It’s good idea

Essay :

1. Please write down your activity during pandemic, maximally 5 sentences!

2. Please write 2 sentences about passive voice!

3. What can you learn from song Count On Me by Bruno Mars?






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