Contoh Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII MTs/SMP 2020/2021

PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII

1.       Mr. Heri : Attention please

                Arif       : Yes sir

The underlined word is expression of……

a.        Asking opinion                                                               b.  Responding opinion      

c. Asking attention                                                              d.Giving attention

2.       The best response to complete dialogue below is….

Mrs. Rina : may I have your attention please?

Students :………………………………….

a.       Yes, ma’am                                                                      

b. Yes, please    

c. Yes, Sir            

d.Thank you

3.       Mr. Andrew : Cherry, can you open the window please, it’s hot

                Cherry                  :…………………………

Mr. Andrew: Thanks

The best answer to complete dialogue above is….

a.       No, I can’t.                                                                              

b. Yes, I can, Sir                 

c. Yes, I don’t care            

d. Yes, I’m not sure

4.       Messi  is football player. His ability is...

a.       He can play football.

b.       He can sing a song.

c.       He can write a poem.

d.       He can ride a bike

5.       The Expressions of ability below is true, except...

a.       I can drive a car 2 years ago before got accident.

b.       I am able to sing a song.

c.       I am able to read Qur’an now.

d.       I could speak English fluency when I was in Australia.

6.       Your friend tells you  about English but you get misunderstanding, what do you say?

a.       Yes, I can

b.       I’m sorry I don’t get your point

c.       I know

d.       I see what you are saying

7.       Elsa    : Do you understand what I said?

Hellen: Yes, I do

The expression that Elsa says to Hellen is....

a.       Talk about news

b.       Checking understanding

c.       Checking Attention

d.       Asking ability

8.       Nana : yesterday, I join LIA English course, will you join me?

              Sari :…………….. I want to speak English too

a.       Yes, I can.

b.       Yes, I will.

c.       No, I won’t

d.       No, I can’t

9.       The negative form of the sentence. "She will visit her grandma next Monday" is.......

a.       She won’t not visit her grandma next Sunday

b.       She will not visit her grandma next Sunday

c.       She will won’t visit her grandma next Sunday

d.       Will she visit her grandma next Sunday?

10.    The best answer for the dialog is......

Chandra : Beside English, What language can you speak?

Indi :…………………………………..

a.       I can speak Arabic fluently

b.       I will speak Arabic fluently

c.       I would speak Arabic fluently

d.       I want to speak Arabic fluently

11.    The best question for dialog below is....

Ery :………………………

Kevin : Yes, I could play the piano since I was four

a.       can you teach me playing piano?

b.       can you play piano?

c.       you are great a pianist

d.       can you give me a prize?

12.   when we want to tell people about inability , we say.....

a.        I can play violin

b.       I can't play the violin

c.       I don't like the violin

d.       I will play the violin

13.   The dialog for number, 13, 14, 15

Nina  : How do you find the word responsible in the dictionary?

Johan : 13.……......... Open the page with the words beginning with R

Nina : here?

Johan: Right. 14............... Can you find it?

Nina: Yes. I have found it.

Johan : Good. 15................?

a.       Do you understand?

b.       Now, go down the list of the word.

c.       Let me show you

d.       May I have your attention


a.       Do you understand?

b.       Now, go down the list of the word.

c.       Let me show you

d.       May I have your attention

15.   a. Do you understand?

b. Now, go down the list of the word.

c. Let me show you

d. May I have your attention

16.   which sentence expresses what you intend to?

a.       I can get you some water

b.       I'll get you some water

c.       I got you some water

d.       I get you some water

17.   when we want to show inability, we say:

a.       I can snap my fingers

b.       I can't touch my elbow together

c.       can you play the guitar?

d.       I'll turn the light

18.    next - holiday - Beach - we - going - to - go -are - to – pangandaran

a. we are going to Pangandaran Beach to go next holiday

b. we are going to go to Pangandaran Beach next holiday

c. we are going to go next holiday to Pangandaran Beach

d. we are going to go Beach Pangandaran to next holiday

19.  Nazhimah : I am full, my stomach hurts.

       Qarry          : I think, you…….. eat too much.

a.       Must

b.      Must not

c.       Should

d.      Should not

20. “save me from my self, Coz I need Your help

The underlined word means…

a.       God’s help

b.      Myfriend’ help

c.       The helper

d.      Someone


21.  The song “Save me from My self” is about….

a.       Friendship

b.       The Biggest Enemy Of You

c.       Family

d.       The Enemiest

The Text is for Number 38-40

First Day of School

I recently move to another town. I was very anxious on the first dayat school because I didnn’t know anyone. I went to the classroom and entered the room. While I was entering the room, I felt that everybody’s eyes were on me. I became even more anxious then.

Fortunately, Mrs. Dian, the civics teacher, was right behind me. She greeted, and introduce me to the class. It turned out that my classmates were friendly. They Showed me around and help ed me get to know the school. At the end of the day, I was less and less anxious. I will always remember my first day at my new School.

Posted By Kevin

22. Who is Kevin?

a.       The writer

b.       The writer’s friend

c.       The writer’s teacher

d.       The writer’s classmates

23. What is the purpose of the text?

a. To tell a story

b. to entertain people

c. to describe someone

d. to tell someone’s experience

24. what does ‘They’ in “They showed me around….” Refer to ?

a. Kevin’s new school

b. Kevin’s new teacher

c. kevin’s new classmates

d. Kevin’s new classrooms

25.    Noona …………………. the bedroom right now.

a.         a.  Is clean

b.      bAre cleaning

c.    c.  Are clean

d.    d.   Is cleaning



1. Please write down your activities in the past, What did you do? (2 sentences)

2. please rearrange this words below.

 When – he – school? – the – first - did -go to