Present Tense


Present Tense

Simple Present Tense is used  to :

1. Talk about facts that are generally true or stay true for a long time.

E.g: You are the best friend that anyone could ever ask for

2. Describe feelings or senses

E.g : I am very grateful

         I love you

3. Routines activities 

E.g : I play tennis every week

        She studies at 9 every night.


a. singular subject

I + am                                 ----------             I am Very grateful

I + Verb                               ----------             I love you

You + are                             --------                You are the best friend

You + verb                           -------                 You make me laugh and smile

He/She/It + is                       --------               He is handsome

He/She/It/ + Verb + s/es/ies ---------              He Thinks about you

⟢Letters "es" is added after a sound spelled as "S", "Z", "CH", "SH", "X" (passes, buzzes, catches, pushes, mixes)

⟢ A word with "Y" preceded by a consonant, the "Y", is Changed to "I" and "ES" is added ( carries, tries)

b. Plural subject

They/We + are                    ---------                We are happy

They/ We + Verb                ---------                 We Care


adverb of time :

every day, every week, every month, every year, in the morning, here, there.

adverbs of frequency:

always, nowadays, usually, often, ever, sometimes, commomly, normally.

source: Pathway To English for SMA/MA 10